We are an auditing firm located in the city of Hamburg (beside the city hall) and accredited until 2017.

We have had an eventful history, and we have gained extensive experience since our beginnings in the early 1990s. In our early days, much of our work was related to the Treuhandanstalt, the trust organisation that had been set up to privatise former East German enterprises. Our office in the centre of Berlin closed some years ago, however.

As well as auditing capital assets and turnovers of up to nine figures, our wide-ranging experience includes hospital audits (1,200 beds), Grüner Punkt (Green Dot) audits and MaBV (German Estate Agent and Developer Ordinance) audits.

We have performed a multitude of highly technically complex licensing audits and due diligence audits for buyers.

We also have many years of experience performing audits of municipal subsidiaries pursuant to § 53 HGrG (Act on Budgetary Principles for the Federal Government and Federal States), under the supervision or responsibility of a Regional Court of Auditors (Landesrechnungshof).

We do not offer tax consulting services, but we are pleased to recommend our affiliate, primus StbG GmbH, which is located in the same building as us.

Finally, one of RGW's USPs is its many years of experience in working for a diverse range of public prosecutors specialising in criminal business law. Our expert reports have been successfully presented in courts - usually local courts, but sometimes also regional courts - and we have served as chief experts for many different kinds of first report (public prosecutors versus defence lawyers). We stopped producing reports of this type many years ago, however. RGW now "only" works for defence lawyers, receivers and defrauded creditors. We also successfully perform such "conflict audits" - in other words, audits where there are no requirements to provide information according to HGB (the German Commercial Code), no real contact person and no final declaration of completion, and therefore where no IDW (Institute of Public Auditors in Germany) auditing standards or established professional routines apply - for licensing and royalty audits as well as sales and performance-related remuneration. Billions of euro are paid for licences, royalties and various kinds of bonus in Germany every year ... or not, as the case may be. Indeed, the sums of money vulnerable to error and fraud are in the ten-digit range. Unfortunately, such vulnerability is particularly apparent in payments to and from artists, especially musicians, and we often discover discrepancies in this area. This sector is after all not known for its scrupulousness.

We carry the official seal for German public accountants; when called upon to participate in civil or criminal law proceedings, we can avail of (state-recognised) business expertise that is equal or more often even superior to that of the legal professionals involved in the respective case.